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Day 1 - sort of. (10th April 2013)

So, bit of a cheat here as I went out yesterday and ordered some wood. probably not enough but something to get me started.
Today was spent clearing the Tardis "spot" in the garden and having a look to see what tools I actually have to do this.

Spot cleared at the end of the garden.
The clock will have go elsewhere, so ironic really that I'm building a time machine which needs me to move time myself.


After much rummaging around in the shed, I have found a selection of tools which I think will be useful.


OK, so I have to point out the first few things I have noticed
a) my job is I.T. related so "tools" normally just means "screwdriver" to me
b) the circular saw has been in the shed so long the blade has rusted, similar to the jigsaw (which I'd forgotten I even owned) so a trip to B&Q is required to get new blades.
c) I seem to have a lot of saws compared to other tools.

No real reason for the latter other than buy one get one free offers! I'm not very technical when it comes to this kind of thing and don't go for the saw A is for hardwood, saw B is for small cuts. No, in my eyes, a saw is a saw, if I want to cut the wood and the first one I pick up does it, then great, I'll use that.

A couple of woodsaw horse bench things have been ordered on eBay yesterday, as if nothing else I can make a bench for the next boot sale I do with them, to sell firewood and old tools if this goes completely wrong.

I also re-looked at what I was wandering around with at the timber yard, and for the 50 plans I printed out, studied and really didn't understand if I'm truthful, I can safely say the scrap of paper I now own, could never been mistaken as a plan!

not a plan Still Not A Plan

I have no idea what will turn up from the timberyard tomorrow as I really don't know what on earth I was drawing!

So, what have I learned from my 1st day, well, firstly, I am no good at trying to plan things, I'm more of a just do it kind of person and wing it as I go along. Secondly, my toolkit is going to need to get a lot bigger. Thirdly, don't try and make up a plan when you actually get to the timberyard as what you picture in your head may not appear on the paper in front of you!
Lastly, my ambitions are obviously much better than my attention to detail, as I even managed to butter the bread before sticking it in the toaster at lunchtime where I was thinking about the Tardis!

And there we have it, Day 1 of what is deemed to become a comedy of errors.