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Once again, the British weather does its best to hold up progress on the Tardis, but eventually it dried up enough to get a few bits out and do something.

It was overcast still so I didn't really want to start painting and then have to stop, so it was out with the two remaining long poles so my helper could fix them together.
Mini cordless screwdriver has been handy for this as its small enough for him to hold but powerful enough to do the job.

start of 9

And off he went..

3rd pole

well, OK, I'll admit I did start them all off and just got him to finish them, but he is still only 3 so I'll give him until his birthday before expecting a full build himself.

So, all 4 are done, now bear in mind these are still not fixed, so I just balanced them and quickly took a photo...

all poles

But I can see the shape (and it's all straight in my head)

And then came the rain, so everything back in the shed quickly before it got wet. What a lovely springtime. Not.

Oh and I mentioned before about I bought some castors, so first thought was a fully flat floor at the bottom and bolt them to that


But then I thought that's probably overkill.

So actually thinking about it a bit more (standing in the shed while it rained mainly), I will simply screw a piece of 2x4 from 3 sides in the corner (this will be flipped on it's side meaning the side supports will sit 2​ inches into the floor)

base plan

and then fix the casters to that.

wheel plan

You'll notice I got ones with Brakes, probably a good idea so it doesn't end up transporting itself down into the conservatory one night!

So the rain didn't stop, it was getting late and my helper would much rather go and watch Mickey Mouse than do any more work, so i guess that's all for day 9.

Come on weather, I'm nearly into double figures now and only really had one proper full day of it!

Oh well, maybe the sun will come out tomorrow.....