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Well, as is always typical with the British weather, day 6 started with rain showers, followed by more showers.

Luckily I hadn't got the wood out first thing, so decided to go out and hunt for a light instead.

After looking in numerous shops, I ended up with an electric outdoor light and a tin of spray paint, which hopefully will look the part when painted blue (and won't be getting much in the way of alterations other than removing the chain and using the power cord to the inside of the tardis. somehow).

its a light

So like I say, British weather, you just can't predict it, 5pm and suddenly it's sunny and hot!
Strange day, but a chance to get a couple bits done, starting with a very eager 3 year old who has been on all day about doing some work!
So his job for now was to have a go with the filler along all the joins, not a bad job for his age and a real back saver for me not having to bend down that far!
easy for kids

helper filling

first fill

In the meantime, I started cutting the wood for the base. It'll have to be in 2 pieces due to the size of the sheets that were delivered, but once again out with the trusty handsaw to cut an 8ft piece to size!

side cut

Pretty straight if I do say so myself!

pretty stright

Although need to make the other side tomorrow (if the weather holds), so that might be a bit more of a challenge!
Enough for today, better shove it all back in the shed just in case the rain returns!