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So after a couple of weeks where it's been nice weather and I haven't had the time to do anything, or had the time but it was like winter again, I've finally had a day where the right two things come together and we have day 10! whoo hoo!

No helper this time so I could actually just crack on (in between work stuff, obviously)

First job, paint another couple of sides while the sun is out

White Bits

I actually remembered to do them white this time as they'll end up being the inside walls on one side.
Its actually hot today so the paint is drying as fast as I'm putting it on, handy really as always limited for time!

While they were drying I fixed the floor down temporarily so that i could see how things would sit
painted bits and temp floor

So one thing I did find out today when it came to putting this away is how heavy it suddenly is!
I'll be glad to get the floor finished and the wheels on this as I don't want to be lugging it around much longer.

Floor on

Anyway, back to what I was doing.

So having looked at some other builds, the pole through the floor seems the best option for me.
So using a couple of offcuts I positioned them at each corner and sprayed around them so I know what to cut out.

Marking Out
So then I'm thinking that's great, but when i unscrew the floor to cut that out, how will I know where the edge is?
Being a total idiot, I sprayed one corner to fill in the white area thinking that would work and as soon as I had realised I couldn't see the shape anymore.
What a fool! (cue slapping of forehead!)

Oh and ignore the unpainted bit, that's for later.

So, plan B, needed to mark the edge and trying to think what to use and then suddenly remembered seeing the kids chalk board when moving everything around recently, so a quick dash indoors and there we have chalky shapes!

Chalky Bit

Now comes the thinking for the posts and wheels, so cutting a few small pieces to go into each corner first
Bits for Wheels

Paint those with the undercoat, white will do as they won't be seen anyway, and once I've done both sides they will be screwed in place like so
Wheely Fit

The thinking is that when the corners drop down, they will sit on the screwed in bit, meaning it has the 18mm of floor plus 2 inches through that as added support, plus obviously be screwed to the sides itself. You've then got the wheels underneath supporting the whole thing and each one can take over 200KG, so should mean it's all hunky dory and can be moved when we have a party.

I've actually realised it will never fit through the back gate though, so that'll be a job for another day way off in the future...

Lastly I thought I'd better make sure the sides would actually fit when the poles go into place, otherwise that's even more cutting (and you guessed it, I've still not sorted the electric one, so using the hand saw again!)

Which Way[

Side will fit

Two "sides" will actually end up with doors, as planning to do it so most of the time, just the front opens, but when we have a party, it'll get wheeled in front of the garage door and the back can be opened up so you can walk through and play on the pinball machines in the Tardis games room.

Oh, a friend asked me about the height which even though I'd said about 10 foot when the light is on, he still couldn't really grasp how big, so i thought it was time to take a pic holding a side.... and then I realised how big this thing will be as well!

How High

Still, at least it'll never get stolen!

So, that's the end for today, just a tidy up and then maybe more tomorrow.
Lessons learned from today:

1) It's really heavy with the floor on!
2) I need to hurry up and get the wheels on as it's really heavy with the floor on!
3) It's going to be really big
4) By painting the sides white we now have a selection of blue and white stones in the garden.
5) Not sure if I mentioned it, but this is getting really heavy.

stay tuned for the next episode in How to Not Build a Tardis.....