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So another day with some sunshine and my little helper has been waiting ages to get involved again.
It's on with the old clothes and out with the paint for him today, so he can do the edges on the small bits of wood.




He was actually getting right into it and asked if I could get some more bigger bits out for him to do as well.


Who am I to complain? And actually for a 4 year old, he certainly worked for his dinner!


He'd gone off after all that lot for a rest and I can't blame him, in terms of scale it'd probably be like me painting one side of the house!
So i got the last couple of long pieces out to do the edges and finished those off.


And in between running back and forth moving his stool for him I took the chance to uncover the top piece of roof.



It looks like the tarps and plastic sheets have held up well during the bad weather as it was still dry underneath.
I realized i should have actually done the edges first and the middle last to cover this, but it's another one of those "learning as I go" kind of jobs!

Another piece was rolled out and cut way too long as normal. Doh.


I then split this down the middle so I could cover a side.


As the stuff to stick it down takes forever to dry, I've only done the one bit for today. Every little helps as they say.

Hopefully more to come soon but for now, something that I had forgotten as an adult, but was quickly reminded by my 4 year old today....

It's much more fun to paint your shoes than those boring bits of wood!