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Well, in a rare day of sunshine here in the UK I thought I'd make the most of it and quickly prime the bits of wood I'd cut as base and struts.
I originally planned to use any old colour as the primer ,then thought maybe it should be blue so i don't need to go over it so much when i come to the real painting, but then looked and the price and whoa! Time for a rethink...

ready to paint

So, the big brands are expensive, but having a quick look around the DIY store and 2 x 2.5l tins of value white external wood primer + a 1l tin of blue external wood paint (all water based), one stick and voila, a cheaper alternative and still a blue primer/undercoat. OK, so it's sky blue when dried, but hey, that's got to be better then white...hasn't it?

the undercoat

Oh and OK, I know those of you out there who actually know about all this sort of DIY/Painting malarkey will spot that i have a cement brush (shh),

the brush
but it was a case of £1 for that or 5 times the price for a proper wood brush.
I'm sure someone out there will probably know the difference, but as far as I can tell, brush in pot, paint on brush, paint on wood is pretty much all I was expecting to happen and as they say, it did exactly what it said on the tin (or packet in the case of the brush!)

A coat on a side, wait to dry, turn it over, next side and so on until I ran out of sunlight and it stopped drying quickly, gave a decent result in having something i can fix together.

one side paint

paint in progress

long poles underway

So, if it hadn't of been for real work getting in the way, I might have got a bit more done (oh and I also had to make a frame today for a 3ft halloween decoration that turned up, but at least that was in between painting some Tardis wood!)

Working Day 3 ends with all the bits for the square base primed, the 8 pieces for the corner posts half done, two blue slabs to hide from the missus where the plastic split and one blue foot where i stood in the spilled paint! All in all quite a productive day I feel.

Not sure if day 4 will really be tomorrow, but fingers crossed I might at least get the posts finished with their first coat.

Oh, and that stupid idea I had of using the little wood dowel bits has been scrubbed as it was far too much like hard work, paint then screw together will be the way to go.