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DAY 11

Ok, so not so much of an 11th Day, more an 11th Hour as it was just do something briefly after dinner one night so the old girl doesn't feel abandoned.

First off, lug it out of the shed with a lot of effort as I still have the floor attached!

One thing I noticed, was it doesn't matter how careful I thought I was cutting, but somewhere it ended up not fully square, I think that's probably down to the two pieces I cut as a floor, so I ended up with a bit of an overlap on one side.

Day11 Too Big

You might just be able to see the top right where it sticks up about an inch too far and then gets lower as it goes across. >:(
No problem, out with the trusty hand saw, and a bit of sideways cutting to level it off.

Day11 No Overlap

I say no problem, but in truth, holding it stable with one hand while sawing a 1inch strip sideways along a 4ft piece of wood off made my arm feel like it was going to fall off!

Next thing to do, was take the floor off ready for when I cut out the holes for poles, which if I'm honest is quite a daunting prospect, as if I muck that up, then I would have to cut a new floor.

day11 taken apart

And then I decided not to attempt that today, probably the one thing I won't want to rush.

Just enought time for a last couple of bits as I put everything away, a coat of paint on the other side of the wheel support pieces

Day11 Wheel Supports

And a lick of paint along the edge where I'd cut the floor to size.

Day11 Cut and Paint

As I was cutting it, I realised one of the bottom pieces was cut slightly shorter, but at least now I've made the floor match it won't notice when finally fixed and painted.

So that was it for this day, but at least something got done as not sure when the next day will be, June has been forecast for rain (and it's Wimbledon coming up which means they are probably right!)
Oh, well, suncream back in the cupboard for another month probably....