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Wow, Day 5 so soon!
3 days in one week of sunshine, dare I say it but we seem to have skipped Spring and this can only be termed as Summer here in the UK!

So, back out with the wood again to make the most of it.
shaping up
Laid out in a base shape, at least it looks like I'm actually doing something now.

In the meantime, I thought I'd paint a side, as it's a big bit and will look productive if nothing else
looks smaller
Halfway through and it starts to dawn on me how much painting is actually involved. The 2x4 bits of wood were easy compared to this.

yep its blue
Wow, a whole blue side (OK so it's undercoat and needs to be painted again and again...)
One thing to note for today, ignore what they say on the side of a tin about how far it'll go.
This has done 8 struts, a selection of base pieces and one side, if I'm lucky I might get another one or at a push two, but I'm going to more paint soon... LOTS more paint!

going to need more

Still, that was off drying so back to some assembly work.
I was obviously making a meal of it as my 3 year old decided it was time to step in and lend a hand, which is when I realised I'd not cut enough pieces for the base.
I'm sure I'd laid them all out before, but I guess not, oh well, back out with the saw to make a couple more bits.
got to get the sizes right
They're not screwed in place yet hence the wonky donkey look, so tomorrows job is to paint those, fit in place, screw together, start filling the gaps and then at least we'll have the full base shape.

wonkey donkey
And if nothing else we can play noughts and crosses with it!

So, lessons for today....
1) More paint is needed as an 8​' x 4​' piece of wood takes a lot more than I thought.
2) I should have a go left handed, otherwise I'll end up with a right arm like Popeye and the left like Olive Oyl by the time I've finished this project.
3) My 3 year old is better at measuring than I am
4) There's not enough hours in a day when you get on a roll!

Oh and I haven't bought a new blade for the electric saw yet, so still being done by hand at the moment... can I do the entire Tardis by hand I wonder?....

Anyway, fingers crossed the weather stays good and I'll get a bit more done this weekend.

PS sorry if I'm boring anyone with the waffle, but I've never done a diary for something before, let alone build a Tardis!