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Well, not exactly a day, more a few hours as the weather today has been, well, pants really.

Just to make sure it wasn't a total loss I thought I'd have a quick go at spraying up the light.

Only held together with 3 screws and four bolts, so nice and easy... except I had to find the worlds smallest spanner to actually remove the nuts (that's the ones holding the light together and not a case of I was out mugging a squirrel or anything like that)

taken apart

just lens

A pair of wire cutters and the spanner used to prise open the chain and remove it from the top of the light, but still attached by the cable for now as I might still use that inside the roof to wire it up.

A few attacks with the spray can and it's now blue.
blue bits

Oh, and erm, so is the floor in the shed now, but hey, concrete is a boring colour anyway.

Now, I have to admit, you'd think taking 3 screws and four nuts out of the lamp, sticking them in a bag would be simple, easy and able to be put back together quickly.
Well, apparently not when I'm involved! I managed to put the bits in a bag with a hole in it and currently need to hunt around the garage for one screw and a nut.
Some would say the nut was the one taking it apart in the first place!

But, hey, found a couple of temporary bits until I can find the real ones and hey presto a blue lamp!

blue lamp

So, there you have it, only managed a bit here and there around work and the weather today, but at least something got done.

Oh, I also ordered some castors to put underneath when I do the base, 6 of them with brakes, £5 each and can take up to 200​KG per wheel, hopefully I've guessed the weight correctly!

So, that's it for Day 8, fingers crossed we actually get some decent weather again come the weekend and I can crack on again.
Is it just me or did everyone who did a build just want to keep going once they started?

to be continued...