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DAY 14

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DAY 14

Actually, this was only about an hours lesson in how not to prepare for building something!

I was getting itchy feet as not been able to do anything for ages, so thought I'd quickly bolt the wheels on so I could then fix the floor and start leaving it outside. Well, nice theory anyway!

So, I bought the bolts the other day (after previously realising I didn't have any)


Digging through the garage I found a set of drill bits I must have bought cheaply some point in the distant past, which luckily had some bits for the bolts.


However, what I should have done was take the drill bits with me when I bought the bolts, as none of them were big enough! Aaaargh!


More rummaging around and the only thing I could find that even closely fitted was the free spanner that came with the washing machine to level it up...

Not exactly easy, but drilling a hole, then manually using that I managed to get one wheel attached in about 45 mins.


I used a few washers to even up the sides under the bolts and there you go, one wheel on. Whooo (said in a sarcastic way).

So, at least I did something, but I'll be making a trip to the DIY store and taking a bolt with me to get a drill bit that fits them, as that's going to be way too much like hard work otherwise!

Still, onwards and upwards....