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DAY 20

Wow, a milestone day, 20th to date (even though it's taken nearly 5 months to do that many days of work!)

For today, it's a case of try the roof idea I had so at least I would know if it works.

First off, fix the slopey bits (for want of a better / more technical word) to the sides.
Sounds simple enough, but I did intially try to fix this from the inside out, but couldn't actually get the screws in properly as it was too much of an angle, so screw from the outside it is and then fill over the screws at a later date.


All seems pretty flat, although a slight slope wouldn't hurt as it'll force the rain to run off (or at least that's my excuse!)

Step 2 is to cut a square piece to sit on the top


I did think of doing the side pieces first, but decided against that as the top bit gives me a guide on height better.


Next up was to cut a side. Now this is where it gets interesting with a handsaw as there's going to be a lot of cuts per piece!
At least I have a use for the offcuts now though.
Initially cut it to the right length...


Quite a long awkward cut by hand, but looking good so far (and I was guessing this will actually work!).


Now for the angles. This mainly involved about 20 mins of staring at it, roughly drawing lines, randomly drawing lines and then finally realising the saw has a bit on for marking out 45 degree angles!
Fingers crossed that's the angle I want, as anything else and I've got no idea how to do it.


When I eventually managed to get it balanced, it seems to look the part.


Now fixed the side piece in place with a few screws


I will actually raise the top slightly when finished so there's a lip for the rain to run over, I've also got a roll of the roofing felt to put over the top at the end of fixing it together and then will just paint it blue, so hopefully it wouldn't show anyway.

And this was the final photo for day 20...


And that's it for another day.
Heavy rain forcast overnight and into the weekend, so cover it up with a new, bigger, tarpaulin as it's getting higher and too big for the one I had. Plus hope for them to be wrong with the weather!

Oh and no injuries or major disasters today, so a good day all round.