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Day 12

This was actually a work day, so it was a case of trying to fit something in around the real world stuff.
For the past few days I'd been thinking it was time to cut some holes, so it will be the base and floor to work on for today.

I don't actually own a small saw for this bit, so I've had to break out Trusty Rusty and use the electric jigsaw.

Day12 Trusty Rusty

Not that I've not used this very often, but I have no idea how the bit with the metal lump is supposed to attach (or why), then again it took me 10 mins to remember how to fit a blade.
I was positive I bought some new blades for this, but no idea where they are now, so maybe that was just in another dimension?...

Anyway, I then had to think how was I going to actually cut the hole, I can't just stick the jigsaw through the floor I guess, so how else does will it work? Ah Ha! Time for some dot to dot work and drilling with my one proper wood bit.

day12 dots

I'm sure there's a proper way to do this, buy hey, it kind of works.

day12 a corner

day12 hole

It's a bit rough around the edges (OK, very rough) but once it's fixed in place, then I can tidy up along the edge of the base.

3 more drilled and cut out and a quick bit of temporary fixing down...

day12 corners

And finally another attack of one corner with Trusty Rusty...

day12 they fit

And the test pieces are a tight fit, which is actually a good thing in this case!

A quick splash of paint on that corner to see how it will look

day12 shaped

And then the clouds appeared and the first few spots of rain

That's the end of that day then, quickly gather up the electric tools to put away (doesn't exactly take long when I only have 2 of them!)
Grab the wood and get it back in the shed and as usual managing to hold the one bit of wet paint in the process.

But that's all for this day, fingers crossed for a whole day of sunshine at some point this summer.

To be continued...