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I say unlucky but what it really did was show up the fact I have the memory of a goldfish, but more on that later.

So, Day 13, actually sunshine, a sunday, no work, so what could I do today?

Fit the bits of wood into the base frame, then the wheels. Simple. What could go wrong?

So, back out with everything, this is roughly how they will sit (probably should have numbered them as I couldn't remember which went in each corner!)

day13 base

Oh, the wheel wouldn't actually go there, I just needed to put it down while I took the photo.

Before I fix those, make sure the floor holes were big enough to fit the actual corners in

day13 corner cut

And funny enough they weren't big enough...
So out came rusty again to give a little trim.

Also, the side suddenly didn't fit straight this time either, so that had to be "adjusted" as well.

day13 trim

day13 edge trimmed

Time to give the floor underside a second coat of paint so it's good enough to fix down later.
Also, paint in the bits I'd cut out of the floor.

day13 paint 1

day13 floor 2

While that's drying, actually screw the wheel support pieces in place.

day13 base change

This was going so well, could it last...
As it was actually hot, the paint was drying lovely and quick, so a spot of lunch and then I could do a temporary fix down of the floor

day13 floor in place

And then get a real side piece to make sure it actually fits (having remeasured and re-cut the holes!)

day13 fit

And yes, perfect.... Oh... well... almost perfect... I couldn't get it back out of the last hole it was so tight!
Feet on the base, a lot of effort.. and it's back out. Certainly won't be falling over, that's for sure!

Great, just the wheels to fix on now, then I can fully screw the floor down and the base can start living outside...

You remember I said about the goldfish memory? Well...
I did get the wheels...
I did fix the support wood in the right places...

BUT, I didn't actually remember to get any bolts to fix the wheels to the base! DOH!

Oh well, take it all apart for another day and at some point I'll get back to B&Q for the bolts.

And that was the end of that day then. Productive but not quite the ideal day, maybe better luck (and memory) next time.