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DAY 17

So it was a nice evening after work and I thought I'd see if I could get some more done (I feel like I'm on a roll at the moment!)

First tonight was a photo of were I finished up on Day 16, having put the second part of the roof on.


So after getting some random tools out of the shed (as you do), I spent some time staring at it.
No real reason other than I couldn't really decide what to actually do.

Eventually, after much staring and head scratching, I had the idea to do the next level of the roof. So on with "Plan A"
4 pieces of wood cut to a randomly smaller size than the first bit of the roof.


However, that won't work as the screws I have wouldn't be long enough, so "Plan B" (I did mention before I'm winging this!)


Yep, that looks better, so out with the box of screws that fit the job!


Back to lots of staring at a pile of wood for a while, as I could not for the life of me think how I could make the top bit have a slope.
Now I know there's lots of plans and drawings around, but it's the physical cutting a piece of wood to slope that had me.
A bit more head scratching and a rummage through the shed turns up another item I didn't know I had!


Ah Ha! Maybe 45 degree angles, bolt them to the middle might actually work?
It was getting dark, but now I'd actually had an idea, I wasn't going to stop and have forgotten again by the morning!


So here's the plan, an angled piece on either side, cut some weird shaped side pieces fix to that with a flat bit on top for the light.
..probably some mathematical name for them, parallelogram, parradillium, paraplexillium, etc, but I like to refer to the shape I'm picturing just as wonky rectangles!


Amazingly it's actually pretty straight, the bubble is in the middle of the spirit level (I'm sure there's also a more technical name than "the bubble")

And that was it for this day, no major accidents for a change so time to tidy away but it was totally dark.

Oh and after I'd finished packing away, Zoe asked why I hadn't just plugged the Tardis light into the mains as it was actually a garden light, so I could have carried on.
Well, that's because I have the memory of a goldfish and forgot. Doh!

Anyway.... to be continued...