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Yes, I'm back.

Once again, just a couple of hours after work while the weather holds out.

So, Day 15 then, has to be put the wheels on so I can start leaving the base outside.

Straight off to a flying start and I break the door handle on the shed getting the base out. oops!


So, on with the wheels, but, well, I didn't end up going to the DIY store for the proper drill bit to do the bolts, nope, I ended up in the cheapo store and bought a socket set for £5 instead. Bargain.

So, before long I had 4 wheels on my wagon.....


I say not before long, but what I really mean is a good hour after starting, but when building a TARDIS, then what's an hour between friends?

I decided to put the extra 2 wheels in the middle, as I'm thinking this will help make it more stable when standing still, I can lock the outside ones and leave those loose. So....


And there you have it, a bit of effort to turn it over (it's about another 12Kg with the wheels on!)


So the plan is, when it's built, I'll make something to sit up against the front and two sides to hide the wheels. Great plan, come back and check in a few months if it actually works though.

Getting a bit dark now so time to cover up but at least I don't need to break the shed door again trying to put it away, it's now living outside!


And there's the end of another (short) day.

Thinks I've learnt in such a short space of a day....
1) Big TARDIS Base versus Small Shed Door = the TARDIS will always win.
2) Don't try to take the locks off the wheels with your hands, stupid idea and it hurts like hell when it snaps down on your finger!
3) There is a reason the socket set was £5... with one cut hand where it started to fall apart to illustrate the reason!
4) The tarp I bought to cover the TARDIS while it's outside and in progress only just covers the base, so I need to think again!

Overall though, I feel productive as there's now something sitting in view in the garden.