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DAY 39

Exciting times are coming!
I have 2 little days of this build, then a BIIIGG update from the weekend! (well, big in the way of how long it's taken me to get this far!)

So, 39th day and first thing up was a bit of painting for the roofing felt. The blue takes well to that and a bit more waterproofing with Cuprinol however small it is can't hurt!


My next plan was to use the offcuts of kitchen lino to cover the tardis floor, for no other reason than letting a child loose in there during all seasons, he's as likely to try and build a snow doctor on the floor as much as spill a drink!
I just laid them out initially to see if I had enough pieces, luckily, I had just enough.


I'll fix those tomorrow though.

Luke's little step came back out for a second coat, if it gets used, who knows at this point!


The rest of the day was just spent painting the top roof piece blue, spinning it round on the base and doing all the sides as well as could be.



It doesn't look too bad from a distance!


When I say a day though, this was probably the sum total of 2 hours spread out from about 8am to 7pm as work is the usual inconvenience.

Don't these people know I'm trying to build a TARDIS?!