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DAY 37

Just a small update as only got back from Hols and my helper wanted to crack on with painting, so as well as him doing K-9 he wanted to paint a couple of Tardis pieces.

Having uncovered the roof for the first time in weeks, an old bit of wood I'd left on there had gone a bit funny, so that's what the orange splodges are!


This will be the flattest part of the roof, that I'm going to sit on the corner pillars (I know they normally go outside, but I never follow plans! lol


The idea for the pic above is that the square will basically hold the very top piece in place and also I'll cut a hatch within that gap to hide any cables or electrics for the rest of the Tardis.
Nice plan, not sure if it will happen that way though!

In the meantime, it's just a case of coating with blue.


It just looks more like a piece of Tardis now when it changes colour!


It's supposed to be nice all weekend, so now K-9 is moving towards being finished and decent weather briefly, then I'm hoping for a good run and some assembly in the not too distant future!