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DAY 33

Just a small update for this day as I was also working on K9.

I've decided to reduce the height by 4​ inches after all and although it doesn't sound a lot, by the time it also drops 3​ inches into the floor, it's going to be 7​' 5​".
More importantly, I should be able to reach the top from my ladder!


It actually works out quite well, as the size I want to cut off fits between 2 screw points on all 4 sides.
So all marked up, out with trusty rusty and hacked... sorry sawed the end off.


Because I couldn't be bothered to get everything out, then the BBQ had to double up as the saw horse today!


All chopped off fairly quickly and I still had a bit of time, plus it wasn't looking like rain for a couple of hours so a quick coat of blue for one of the sides while I can!


But that was all for the day, short and sweet, but every little helps!