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DAY 30

Not just another update, but 2 days in one week it hasn't rained!

So as it's actually a work day, this was a case of finding something that wouldn't take too long.

With that (and the fact it was so heavy to put away), it's time to cut the big piece in half which will make the front doors.


As it's 8ft long still, I'm planning on cutting any height away after fixing to the corner post, but that does mean drawing a long line isn't easy!
To get round this I marked both ends with a tape measure, got one of the long bits that will be part of the sides or door (the one on top of the pile basically) and used that for the line.
Of course, if it turns out later on that the wood has warped where it's been in the garage for a year, I'll have a bit of a wonky door!
Regardless off I go with the cutting!


Oh, I should mention that I don't have anything big enough in the way of a cutting table to put this on, so I had to improvise..


As you can see, all the small pieces that I painted the previous day were stacked in a few piles to form a makeshift table.
On with the cutting!


I could have tried to find the jigsaw, but I always worry I'll shoot off across the board and end up with a pile of match sticks!
Eventually though, I did get all the way to the bottom, pretty much on the line the whole way which was a bonus.


Last bit for today was to do the unpainted side of the small pieces.


So these were just left out for a few hours and put away last thing to carry on another day.
But before I go, a few things I realised today which I will leave you with until the next update:

1) Having not done any manual work on the TARDIS for about 6 months, then doing 2 days of painting and cutting doesn't half make the old legs and arms ache!
2) Someone has messed with the earths gravity as everything seemed twice as heavy by the time I put it away
3) I still have no plan
4) All the small pieces are numbered and I can't remember why (see 3 for more details)
5) I can't wait to get stuck in and do some more!