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DAY 38

And here we have a real update for a change!

The sun was out for once and my little helper wanted to paint something, so while I was uncovering the bits of Tardis in the garden, I gave him an old cupboard base I'd made so he can use it as a step in and out of the Tardis when it's finished (one day!)


That pretty much kept him busy all day as it was a couple of strokes of paint, then off to the Slide, Trampoline or Pinball machines for a break. He'll make a great workman when he's older!

My thoughts for today were to fix the small frame I made to the roof so I can cut the hatch into it at a later date.


The only way I could think to attach it, was to lay it roughly in place, then spray both the inside and outside so it left the frame shape.


I then drilled 8 pilot holes through within the two grey lines, so that I'd know where the wood was going to be!
Then balancing the roof piece on it's side, meant I could fix it together.


Next up was my plan of preparing the roof for the felt, so a coat of the black tar stuff was needed.


Once that was totally covered and starting to go tacky, I cut 2 lengths of roofing felt off ready.


My thinking here is that although the wood is treated, with the weather we tend to have this should give us a bit more life to it and also once I've made the hatch, it'll keep the water away from it. Hopefully.


When I laid the whole strip over, I just then cut it so it would fold up the sides of the mini frame I'd put on there (see there was a method in my madness!)


While that was setting in the sun, I thought I'd paint the top piece of roof blue, as although it's felted it still needs to look the right colour.

Obviously if you go back to when I built the top bit, it's an odd shape because I'm going to use it to hide the electrics for the Tardis up there (hence the hatch) and also I had no tools so could only do a 45 degree angle using the saw!


Anyway, I digress, the blue actually took quite well to that, better than I expected, which was a bonus.


So that was it for today, felt quite productive and I'm edging ever nearer being able to do a bit of assembly and then can work on the framework in place, the blue dried darker on the felt which was a bonus!


Just one more thing, and actually these arrive a week or so after Day 38, but the signs are here!


These are made of Alluminium and have weatherproof vinyl on them, bought from good old ebay!