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DAY 40

Another little update, didn't really get much done by the time I'd uncovered everything and lifted the tops off, it was a case of trying the floor idea!


So all laid out, then stuck down with random outdoor glues that the local hardware store had, think it was a ronseal thing, does what it says on the tin anyway!


Once it was all stuck, it would be a case of cutting to size (cue the stuck photo...)


However I seem to have lost all the floor photos, so I'll describe it and you can imagine!

I've trimmed all round the edges of the base, then cut out (hacked at) the L shapes in the floor which the side pillars will sit into.

It'll make those a bit more snug and if it gives a bit of protection under foot then all the better. I'll take another floor photo at some point and you'll see what I meant!

Big update to follow soon....