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DAY 43

Mini update with no pics, as basically I had a leak in the roof around where I was planning to put the hatch.
I didn't take any pictures as I was trying to get it sorted as quick as possible before it rained again.

So I just removed all the felt and recovered (after another quick trip to B&Q for a budget roll of felt) and have some flashing tape to put around the joins this time, so all should be good.
Just need it to stop raining!

In the meantime, I've bought a new plate for my car.
Initially disappointed that K9 wasn't available, it was only driving around that I suddenly realised who number 9 was, so actually it ended up a good choice!

The Car

So if you see me in a car park at any of the UK sci-fi shows (Nor-Con in Norwich, is my next one), then come and say hello!