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DAY 44

So today carried on with the roof repairs, I'd re-felted the night before and then popped out to get some tape for the edges to tidy it up and hopefully seal it better at the same time.

This is the front view, the tape is pretty much the full width of the roof frame. You can also see where I had to balance the top roof across out of place while I did the repairs.


The little white pot on the roof came with the felt tape, with absolutely no instructions, or in fact any writing on it, so I had to guess it was some sort of glue, but it was so runny it didn't seem to do anything.
I painted it on under the roll anyway, tried to stick the side you can see down and found it wouldn't then stick.
It was only when I got to the 3rd roll of tape that a pot had instructions on, it's actually evostick felt adhesive and you are supposed to paint it on and let it totally dry. Doh!


The photo above shows you it just seemed to turn the underneath black without actually making it sticky.

I stuck the tape around the 3 sides I could actually get it, but one is currently too close to the wall so that side will be done last.


This is the edge I think the leak started from last time, so even though I've re-felted I thought I'd put the extra tape over the top. That and I didn't cut all 3 lengths going across the roof to the same length.


While I was working on this bit, my little helper had decided he wanted to do some painting, but it was tea break for the rest of the day after piece number one, so my wife ended up getting stuck in with the painting instead.
These will be the horizontal panels and also some thin pieces I will use to mock up windows.


And so to the end of Day 44, with a day of the roof back in place and the tape running around the newly fitted felt.