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DAY 46

Another day on the bank holiday and a few more small changes
Starting with some filler around the horizontal bars so they are ready for painting when dry


Next up a wedging of a piece to put on the back door (the side that doesn't open)


The wedges held it tight enough so I could screw through from the inside and pull it tight.


It's actually a warped piece when I'd put it on as it's tight to the side from the top to about 3/4 of the way down then the gap widens.
I will just shove a load of filler in the gap and paint it, so hopefully it won't notice too much when it's done.

A few hours later, back in the garden, Zoe was doing the painting while I was cutting more pieces to size.
The filled areas from the morning were dry, so they got a coat first.


A couple of pieces were cut and fitted to the front while this was happening.


After another gap in time (until my 4 year old was in bed for the night!), so back out as the light was fading fast and a couple more bits on the front.


You'll notice the perfect toolkit in view to finish the day - no-nails glue, mallet and a large tea!

Just enough time for a bit of filler around the front pieces where the glue had dried, ready for painting at some point.


The filler had changed to white, as I bought it in a different store this time and it was actually half the price in white than brown!
Might just need a second coat to get it darker, but I have a garage full of paint so that shouldn't be a problem!

Back again soon!