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DAY 45

Making the most of it being a bank holiday and not having a downpour by 9am, the first job of the day was to start cutting the horizontal bars.


These are not actually fixed yet, just wedged in place so I can work out the widths and spacing.
Once I cut them all, I had a measure to get roughly the same gap between each, but at the same time make sure the 2nd one down will be big enough to fit the sign in, as we've already bought that!


While I was doing the cutting, Zoe (my wife - I'll start using her proper name as she's been helping more now!) has been paiting the felt banding around the top edge. The paint has taken quite well on that.


I think once I fit the signs then you'll hardly know it was there.

I decided to use no nails (or rather the generic DIY store equivilant which is miles cheaper) to fix the small panel pieces, but have used screws on the longer ones.


The unstuck ones had slipped down as you can see, so it was a case of remeasuring the gap, balancing a spirit level on there to get them roughly level and then whacking with a rubber mallet so they go tight to the wall.
I noticed as I was doing this, a giant space bug was covering one side of the TARDIS...


Ok, not giant really, but in my mind it was giant as it scaled the side of the TARDIS. And I have no idea what it actually was!

So anyway, I digress for a change.
Back to the building and despite the most random bursts of rain during the day (litterally sunny one hour and a downpour for the next), but I managed to get all the side pieces glued in place (after wiping the walls dry every time first!)



After that, it was a case of fixing a large panel to the front left (the bit that's not really a door)


It took a bit of wedging with wood and screws in and out to actually get it to pull tight, as my arms are not long enough to be on the inside and reach right round to hold it in place (I'm not talking like I have super short arms like a T-Rex or anything, but they'd need to be more like an orangutan to reach that far!)

You can see in the next photo when I started to do the large piece on the door itself how I've wedged it at the top between the frame and door.


The rain had been coming faster and heavier by now and the light was going, but I managed to get that done as the last piece of the night.
I used an offcut of 3mm hardboard from K-9 to sit on the floor and raise the height of the wood to stop it dragging across the floor.


And that was it for another day, off out tomorrow but hoping to get a bit more done if the weather improves!