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DAY 48

Another day, a bit more done.

Starting off with fixing the 2nd piece up at the back, more glue, more action from Thors Hammer and my little helper!


Meanwhile round the front of the Tardis, a coat was applied to cover the filler from the day before.


I actually cut the next piece the wrong way around, as I'd used a small block front and back where the doors meet to effectively make an invisible pillar, instead of just cutting a 2cm lump out, I left 2cm and took the rest away!

Luckily, after a bit of thinking, I came up with a way to use that piece round the back, so it wasn't wasted.


It took a bit of persuading with Thors hammer (with me using it, I haven't really got a 4 year old Thor who can fly!) but it wedged really tight


From a distance it's not too noticable, plus this is actually the back door.
Next up a tube of filler around all the pieces now in place (and it was a big gap near the base to fill).


That pic was taken as the paint was being reapplied to as I forgot beforehand. doh!

Back around to the front and you can see at the top in this one what I mean by the small piece used as a wedge.


That's let me put a screw through the inner wall into the roof so nothing could move.
This time around I cut the wood the right way (it's a bit wonky but then I'm using a hand saw and using the BBQ to rest on!)


But as it happens, that was another pretty tight fit, just a bit of no-nails and a whack from Thor and it was in place.


Almost done for the day as the filler had been coated at the back of the Tardis while I was working on the front.


Oh and just to show you, the warped bit at the bottom was filled and painted over and looks ok to me.


And finally, just because I could, I've screwed the first sign to the front!