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DAY 47

We only had a short amount of time as we didn't start until late in the day, so I put some filler around the left hand pieces fitted the day before, then also glued the first piece to the bottom of the front door.


In case you're wondering, that's just a small stick used to wedge the piece to the side so it holds in place and isn't just the worlds worst piece of cutting!

Moving around to the back while they dried, I cut a couple of pieces to size for the back panel (fake door part).


The bottom piece was glued and whacked in with a rubber mallet by my little helper.


Funny how he was suddenly keen to get involved at this point, plus I stand corrected, it's not a mallett apparently, it's Thors Hammer!

Oh, in case you were wondering what's at the bottom of the door, I've cut a piece from an up and over garage door draught excluder as it's got a metal plate with rubber from there.


We actually had rain later that night and no water got under the door this time, so it works quite well I'd say!

Final pic of the day with the current overall look so far.