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DAY 52

Another short hour grabbed in the evening at the end of last week, hadn't had time to put these up yet, so have a few mini updates to try and do over the next couple of day. Once I get the pics off the phone that is....

So anyway, one side is facing the wall so I hadn't really got around to doing a lot with it, but as I could do with the space in the shed (to start on a mini console for inside - don't tell the wife!) , I thought I'd try to get some panels on that side.

It's not very easy to reach, so basically I had to push it against the side the best I could and then wedge it at the top with a couple of offcuts, so it wouldn't move while I put a screw through from the inside.



Next up was a vertical panel fixed to the back door (sorry for the dark pics but the light was at that point of the flash didn't make much difference).


And only enough time to glue the bottom piece on the door, held at a 3​mm height from the floor with an offcut of k-9s hardboard!


And that was another evening gone as it was too dark to carry on! Oh well, another day soon.

But one last shot....