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DAY 54

So first up today was the plan for easy and quick windows!


Yep, you guessed it, they are going to be painted bars.


First one was a test to see if it will look good enough and looks ok to me (not painted by me I must add as I don't have a steady hand for that!)

While that was drying I went over the white filler on the back door panels (that, I can do)


Then marked out the next side window bars for painting


and that's really not my hand!

Only a first coat for each bar but looks quite effective


On the front door, I fitted (wedged) a thin strip of wood to make the window area


Then started to mark out the bars again


Which were then painted


And while that was being done I marked out the back window


And then I got sidetracked....

I'd been thinking about a console type cupboard in there and was going to use an old laptop with it, but as it happens my tablet has just had a crack appear inside the screen (weird), so that will probably get used now.
Anyway, so I wanted it to fit and not take up all the room, so I shaped one of the off cuts sitting around in the shed.


It's sort of a half hexagon when it sits up against the wall, which will be good enough for a 5 year old by the time it's done!

Anyway, back to the TARDIS and I painted the ends of the panels on the back door.


I also put a first coat on the front door where it had been white next to the new window area


Going back to the console thoughts and I had a couple of long bits of wood from a wardrobe I dismantled, so I cut that in half and also took some of the width off of it.


Those will become the sides of the underneath part so I have somewhere to fit the speakers.
As it happens, the width of the piece I cut off made me think I should put the signs in a frame rather than just stick them up.



So no time for anything else though as it was getting dark, so just a last couple of photos, one showing the back window now also having a first coat of paint


And the final shot from the front for the evening


So hopefully a few more bits over the coming days and the sign frames seem like my next plan (if I can stop being distracted by building the console/cupboard long enough!