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DAY 58

So final chance for an update before my little helpers 5th birthday BBQ.
First off for the day, some bars painted onto the back door window


Then I didn't really want to start too much today, so I thought I'd do a bit with the sound system.
Starting with making look like it's a metal unit (as I'd found 2 tins of spray which were too dark for K-9!)


Suddenly it doesn't look so woody.
I couldn't get the speaker grills off very easily, so I just used a bit of masking tape and a bit of paper (highly technical!)


Here's a close up which hopefully shows the metal look now as it's metalic paint


And started on the 2nd side...


I thought I should put a shelf inside, not sure what for yet, but might be handy!
So I've put a support bar across at roughly the height I'll need


Then switched to finish the spraying...


And back to the other shelf support


So you can see some temporary cabling in this one, literally just twisted the cable through the speaker connections and into a mini amp


To run the sound in the Tardis, I'm going to use my old tablet as the screen has cracked.


The amp has mini jack or 2 x phono inputs, so i've just used an old monitor audio cable I found in the garage, which was mini jack to mini jack.


And boy was it loud, I wasn't expecting it when I turned it on, but we could hear it out the front of the house!

Oh, it's also got an FM tuner on there, so even without the tablet we can have some music.

The blue shelf you can see was another old bit of wood, from who knows what, but I'd obviously thought it might be handy one day. Having a hole in might be handy as I can run cables and stuff through it.

So having stuck it back in the TARDIS for the night (as we're having a thunderstorm currently with the threat of rain), I thought I'd make some sort of interior light.


It's actually just an old plastic tube that one of those fly screen door things came in, then the lighting is actually an old happy birthday sign that lights up, but just the insides (£2 on ebay worth a go!)
But looks good enough for Luke!



So back again soon with the next bits... bye for now!