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DAY 57

Starting the day with the easiest job, which was to fit the sign over the back door


After that was to have a go at fitting the speakers in the side panels of the worlds most basic console!
As you can see, using my limited set of tools this was going to be interesting.
Drill holes....


Drill more holes....


Lots of holes....


Which actually worked quite well when encouraged out of the wood with the hammer!

After a bit of trimming with the saw it was a perfect fit (or at least it's hidden the uneven hole)


And these lock in place by the screws from the front and hold a catch onto the back of the wood.


These bad boys aren't going anywhere!


So, having watched me do the first one, my little helper was thinking he should be involved in the 2nd speaker fitting


Oh and I was too noisy apparently.
Although he did have a go while not wearing headphones, funny how it's not noisy when you're in control of the drill.


And having repeated the mass of drilling, hammering and more drilling, the second speaker was in.


So i've made a VERY rough cabinet style frame up (sorry to all of you professional builders out there, you must be having kittens watching my work!)


But it seems to do the job, and fits under the off cut I am planning on using as a top.


And that was it for another day, more pics and the next update to follow soon!