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Day 55

So, back to the plan of doing something with the signs, but the white off cut of shelf is now out of the window, as I've got a spare piece of the paneling which is already treated wood and also painted blue.
Luckily this one piece will do for all four of the signs, this will be plan B after yesterdays thoughts with the white wood!


So my thought was cut the wood to the same width as the sign


Then put a small piece either end and screw right through that, the sign and the back piece of wood, into the TARDIS itself.


The back door window also had its first coat while that I was chopping wood!


So, the bits that had been going to be window bars was now going towards making up the sign frames.


Using some dry bits I laid them out how the frame would work


The top bits are held together with no nails while the ends and sign itself will just be held with the screws.


Seems to look ok, so we'll soon find out when I get round to fitting them, but only this one made up so far as I ran out of time again.

Lastly the shots with the back door closed and the window starting to appear.


another day to follow soon...