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DAY 59

Had a little time tonight, so thought I'd do some cabling and lighting inside.

I decided to fix a 4 gang extension high up, so that things can be plugged in out of the way (I'll probably try and do something to hide the down cables with a bit of trunking at some point.)


There's a gap high above the back door which comes out behind the lip of the roof, so it means I should be able to tack the cable up out of the way, then come down in the corner after.

By putting it there it also means the LEDs should just about get round, as I found I'd bought 5​m lengths not 10​m.
First off out over the back door


around the side


Past the front door


And down the side against the wall that still needs to be finished...


The LEDs are remote controlled so you can change the colour, make them flash or fade, which as nerdy as it sounds it quite exciting!


You can see the power was temporarily out via the front door initially



but these next couple are where it goes out of the back door



I've ordered an LED bulb which is also colour changing and remote controlled to put in the actual TARDIS roof light, so that could be intersting!

Bye for now!