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DAY 53

There was a bit of sunshine on Day 53 so a chance for some more painting.

First up another coat of the "windows" on the side to get them a bit whiter.


And a first coat of the front door where a window area will appear.


Also on the not-a-door side of the front


Plus the same on the back of the TARDIS


So, if you're wondering what the 2 sticks are for in that photo, I'd actually stuck the next piece up on the back door, but it was sliding so needed a bit of encouragement to stay in place.
Queue 2 offcuts getting some use....


Next up was a bit of cutting with the trusty old handsaw, to get the rest of the back door pieces to the right width.


Highly technical at that point (not) just holding them over the gap and marking with a screw as I couldn't find a pen.
The next two were then stuck in place


But the top one was going to be an odd shape again, due to it going around the block which makes up the middle panel.


But after a few attempts at marking and trimming it (plus the odd bit of swearing at it) then piece was fitted ok.

Time was getting on by then so I put the filler around the edges as soon as the glue was stuck enough to hold.


And then all the way down the door


Is it just my imagination, or does it look like the TARDIS is winking with one white eye and one blue!

And to the final shot of the day, the current look from the front.


Oh, the bit on the floor is an offcut I'd just put there so my little helper can reach the handle when he comes out to lock up at night!