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DAY 56

So after trying Plan B with the signs, when I actually went to put them on the old girl, it seems they were too high and over hung top and bottom.

Then I thought maybe go with plan C and just screw the sign on


But that looked rubbish..

So plan D was to just make a frame front and glue it to the sign



However that just fell off as it screwed into the side of the roof as they bowed sligtly.
Oh and it also looked rubbish.

So onto plan E, mini frames for the front and a flat piece for the back which is the same height as the sign itself.


This will be my final answer, so it better work!

And as usual I was getting distracted while the paint was drying on those, so I started to have a go at the sides for the cupboard for the speakers (I'll give up calling it a console for now, as it'll look nothing like one!)


At least I'm using up a load of the odds and ends now, so it's another way of tidying up.


Anyway, I'm off at a tangent again, so back to the signs and the first one was dry and stuck so it was time to fix it up.....


That's better (thankfully!)

I also got one of the speakers out to have a think about how to fit it into the sides of the unit.
It's a bit bigger than I remembered and almost the width of the panel!


Back to the signs and I also had to paint the edges of the wood as I'd had to cut almost a 2​ inch strip the entire length of each back piece.


But it doesn't really show now it's painted blue.

Then it was the turn of the one above the front door


That was pretty much it for the day, but thought it was time for the other sign on the door to appear!


Another metal one and a ton of no nails glue but still needed a bit of propping up while the glue dried.

So I popped back out again an hour later to remove the sticks and take a final shot for the day.