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DAY 22

Just a small amount of time available this day, so a bit of painting in between work.

First up (about 8am) a coat on the underneath of the top roof


Then during the afternoon I had a chance to flip it over and do the top


I popped out in the afternoon and called in to the local timber yard to order some more bits of wood to make the outside features of the doors and sides, very helpful in there as the guy advised opening a trade cash account so I get free delivery and better prices for any future bits I need.
Can't argue with that one!

So, back to work for a while and come the evening the sun was still out so I gave a coat to the very top piece


Last bit for the day was to paint one of the other side pieces


I have to be honest with that one though, I swapped me going to get a takeaway so Zoe would finish painting that board!
Well, I had to get her involved somehow.

That was it for the day, just let the paint dry and put it all back away for another night.
It's not supposed to rain, but I'd rather not take a chance just yet.