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DAY 25

Another weekend, another chance to do a bit more.

I decided today would be best spent cutting down the 16ft long pieces that were delivered on Friday so I can fit them in the shed more easily.

First off, finish cutting the first piece of wood from yesterday.
I only need 20 pieces per side of the smaller wood, but as it happens I can get 11 out of each.
Rather than confuse Luke, I let him number them 1-11 and I'll just use all the 11s on the last side.


From there it was a case of marking out each other pole in turn (and him writing the numbers on each)
While I was cutting, I got him to stack the numbers on top of each other, which he decided required an initial survey part way through the 2nd batch of cuts.


And he was then happy with where the final pair should go from that set!


Onto the 3rd piece cut into 11 then stacked


And finally the 4th set (he was disappointed I only need 1-7 on this piece!)


From there I moved onto the longer pieces that would become the left and right hand sides as you look at the walls


And by the end of the day, all these bits were also done.


So, that will do for the day, time to stack it all back in the shed for another evening, but for some strange reason it now seems to take up more room than before.
I guess it will be a case of taking them all back out and doing that properly when I decide to do any more!