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DAY 26

Short and sweet today, as I didn't even get the wood out of the shed until after 6pm.
The sun was out all day, but too busy with real work to get started.

Still, not to waste a whole day, I thought I'd just cut a side piece ready to make a door.
Plus if nothing else, it will make it easier to carry 2 smaller pieces!

First off to mark it out


I realised there was no way I was going to be able to balance this on 2 saw horses, so had to improvise with a way of supporting the whole length down 2 each side, while raising it off the floor.


So it was out with all the pieces I'd cut to use as the panel look.

That got me about 12​" off the floor in total, so a bit of careful sawing by hand was needed.


Considering I don't own a small saw, this was very slow going, but eventually I reached the end!


Like I said, short and sweet, but something was done so it doesn't feel like another wasted day.