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DAY 27

Not a huge amount of time available this day, so just a bit of top roof work.
Oh, before that though, I've got a make shift paint area ready to do all the small bits of wood now, even when it's raining.


A bench made of offcuts! No worries about spilling paint on that one.

So, back to the work and first off, to fit the actual flat piece at the top.
Never one to waste anything I used a few more offcuts to make the fixing points a bit wider.


Once the 4 of those were on I could fix it down


Then for a bit of filling around all the edges, using some random all weather stuff I found in the bargain shop recently (£4 a tub compared to about £8 for the same size of named brand).



And there we have it, left to dry and then it's ready for covering in the roofing felt I bought.
The plan is that I will cover it with felt, then paint it blue and as it'll be 8 foot in the air then nobody should notice too much.

That's my theory anyway!