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DAY 23

Another short amount of time available in the world of Tardis building, so just a couple of bits done after work.

First up to paint another side piece, although I got this out of the garage around 8am, it was 5pm before it actually got painted!


This was shortly followed by a second side


At least when you paint something, it feels productive.
But I do hate the days where I just look at all the bits piled up and don't have the time to do anything.

As we were heading towards dusk there wasn't time to do much more, so I thought I'd just shorten the side pieces as where I made the corners sit into the base, this now means lopping 7cm of the top of every wall or door piece.


But even though these are 4 foot wide, it was a pretty quick job with the hand saw.


And before long the 3 I have put undercoat on so far were done.


I hadn't been sure what to rest these on while cutting as they are far too big for the saw horses or workmate, but the base makes a great bench for cutting these!

So, short and sweet for day 23, but once again a few useful things done in not a lot of time.