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Day 24

Another day, another board taken out and nothing done to it for most of the day.
That is, until I think my wife had seen it sitting there long enough doing nothing and painted it for me in the afternoon!


Oh, the wood delivery turned up first thing in the day, but they forgot to cut it into the smaller lengths.
Bit of a pain as it meant I was back to having a load of 16ft pieces to get through the gate, but I hadn't paid for the cutting, so can't really complain.


So anyway, once I could start in the evening, I thought I'd better get cutting those long pieces.
A few moments of deep thought were required (with a picture taken by Luke as he wanted to help!)


Excuse the fingers in view, but a galaxy note is a bit big for his hands.

Anyway, thought process over, out with the saw.
The widest pieces will be the middle of each side and door, so started on those first.


Got the length right, so cut the other 3 to size.


Following that, the next piece to do was the side of the panel.


And then the other side


Now it was time to work out the bits to go across, which took a bit more thought, but I worked out that if I temporarily cut them to 40ish centimetres then i could get more out of each length.


So that was actually 2 separate pieces, as they'll get trimmed to proper length once I work out what will actually be seen from the outside, probably an inch or so either side will not need anything on.

Suddenly it was getting dark though, so only managed one more cut


But that's the basic idea for laying them out. They'll all need painting before I actually fix them on mind you.

So almost time to clear away, but my helper thought it would be easier for me if he numbered all the pieces I could get out of the full length


If nothing else, it'll help when I lay them out as a test.

And finally for today, I thought I'd leave you with a picture of the speakers and mini Amp that I've bought to fit in there somewhere when it's built.
There's just some things you can't resist buying, even though I won't need them for a while!


to be continued....